Wood Printing

What is Wood Printing?


Wood printing is exactly what it sounds like. Our machines are capable of printing graphics of your choice directly to almost any flat wood substrate. There are a few caveats to the size and thickness of the wood that can be printed, but we have a work around for oversized wood print requests.

Why print on wood? And what is it used for?


Wood is a strong, rigid, and durable material, which makes it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. A lot of times, customers choose wood for their signage because it is a unique substrate where no two pieces of wood are ever the same. The wood grain and patterns differ from piece to piece; adding depth and life to imagery creating a custom look that can't be replicated. There are a lot of various types of wood available, all with unique colors and wood patterns giving endless options for your signage.


Wood signage is commonly used for décor purposes. This includes office décor, signage in corporate lobbies and hallways, and art reproductions. Wood can also be used for in-store point-of-purchase signage in retail environments, point-of-purchase displays, as well as any other custom signage or displays.

What sizes and colors do you offer?


The wood we offer comes in sheet sizes of 48" x 96". Any signage that requires a bigger size would need to be printed on multiple sheets that would have to be paneled. Please contact us directly for oversized requests. We have an assortment of different wood colors and patterns that are available in various thicknesses. Please refer to our Wood Swatch Guide in our Educational PDF resource section for available colors and thicknesses.


We have the ability to enhance your imagery even further by printing spot or flood white. Spot white is when a layer of white ink is printed onto the wood only in the sports where the graphics will be printed. The graphics are then directly printed over the white ink. This helps enhance the ink and imagery making it more vibrant. Flood white is the same process as spot white, except a layer of white ink is printed across the whole wood surface, and the graphics are then printed onto the wood. It is important to mark the art file whether spot or flood white is to be incorporated in the printing of your graphics and where on the wood that will occur.




How is wood installed/hung/posted?


Wood is most commonly installed with a French cleat system or a standoff system. A French cleat system is used to give the finished product a look as if the wood was floating off of the wall. For this system to work, the top cleat is attached to the graphic and slides on top of the bottom cleat, which is attached to the wall, creating a connection allowing the signage to hang. A standoff system is typically made from stainless steel and/or aluminum, and holds the wood horizontally or vertically at a predetermined distance from the installation surface. A standoff system requires holes to be drilled into the wood for the standoff hardware to be inserted. The finished look creates a professional and clean finish. Wood can also have drilled holes to be used in conjunction with wood screws, bolts, rope, chain, or other hanging hardware.




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