Window Coverings

What are Window Coverings?


Window coverings are custom graphics that are printed onto an adhesive material that, when installed, cover entire windows or glass walls. Different than static window clings, which do not have any adhesive backing, wall coverings are more of a semi-permanent/permanent nature. Graphics for window coverings mainly consist of brand or product marketing to help keep top-of-mind among




What are Window Coverings used for?


With a variety of uses, window coverings are used as a marketing tool to create an impactful first impression on its viewer. Very popular among retail, mall and restaurant environments, wall coverings have a high-impact on foot traffic and help lure potential customers into the retail or restaurant location. Other uses for window coverings include indoor use for glass walls in office environments as well as vehicle windows.

What type of material is available for printed Window Coverings?


Window coverings can be printed on a variety of different materials, each with its own specific purpose. The most common materials are our adhesive and removable vinyls. With a stronger adhesive backing, our adhesive vinyl is used for almost all semi-permanent/permanent outdoor applications. Our removable vinyl has a lo-tac adhesive backing and used for temporary sales and promotions that do not need a long lifespan.


For situations where visibility through the window is a requirement, we have a perforated vinyl that has a 65/35 vinyl to air ratio. The vinyl to air ratio allows the viewer to see outside of the window, while still maintaining a high quality printed graphic. A lot of office environments are built with glass windows to create an open and inviting environment. We offer a frosted adhesive vinyl that provides privacy where needed and keeps your office looking clean and professional.


All window coverings can be laminated with luster, matte, and gloss finishes.

What sizes are available for Window Coverings?


Windows come in all shapes and sizes. Luckily, no matter the size or shape of your window we can produce window graphics that meet your requirements. All of our window covering materials are manufactured in rolls of various widths, however we can print your graphics with a paneling technique that creates a seamless looking image no matter how big the window. Please contact us for oversized windows as art files need to be prepared to allow for paneling installation. We provide site surveys to determine window dimensions, upon request.




How are Window Coverings installed?


Window coverings need to be installed by a certified installer. We have a professional network of certified installers nationwide that can install your graphics no matter your location. When determining your visual graphics for your windows, it is important to know before hand if your desired window area contains mullions. Mullions are the dividers that separate the individual windows. Window coverings can be installed to cover the mullions or the graphics can be cut out individually to fit the dimensions of each window panel. This is why it is important to make a decision whether to cover the mullions before printing your window graphics as it affects how the art files need to be properly setup.



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