Wall Coverings

What are Wall Coverings?


Wall coverings are printed graphics that are installed to cover unused wall space. Typically chosen over painted murals because the printed wall coverings have photo quality graphics and can be printed and replaced in a timely fashion when compared to an artist.

What are Wall Coverings used for?


For many businesses, taking advantage of unused wall space can be an important part of a business' success. Printed wall coverings allow for just about any type of imagery to be displayed in a large and impactful way, making it a very valuable marketing tool. Wall coverings have a variety of uses, but are more often used in retail and corporate environments.


In retail environments, companies use wall coverings for branding purposes to stay top of mind with consumers, product promotions to bring a central focus to a specific product the company is trying to sell or market, and seasonal promotions to promote new sales and offerings. In corporate environments, wall coverings are mainly used for branding and décor purposes. Creating a workplace where employees are motivated and inspired can make a difference in their work ethic and overall attitude. A beautifully designed corporate environment can also make a favorable impression on potential clients and business partners that visit.




What type of material is available for printed Wall Coverings?


We have a variety of materials available, which material is used depends on your specific needs and how you want your wall covering displayed. For wall coverings that are temporary and require a short-term application, removable vinyl is often the best choice, as the adhesive is not as permanent as other materials and allows for an easier installation and removal process. If your needs are for a softer, warmer look, we offer a wall canvas that has a fabric-like appearance and texture. We also offer a more permanent adhesive vinyl for situations where fine details and deeper blacks are required.

What sizes are available for Wall Coverings ?


All our wall covering materials are manufactured in rolls of various widths. The largest being 126" x 150'. If you have an oversized wall, we will print, cut, and install your graphics in panels. This process allows us to install on any size wall, no matter how big, and create a seamless looking image. Please contact us for oversized wall coverings as art files need to be prepared to allow for paneling installation.




How are Wall Coverings installed?


All wall coverings require a professional installer. We have a professional network of nationwide certified installers that can be provided. For new store or office build-outs, we will partner with your general contractor to take on-site measurements and coordinate installation.




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