Vehicle Wraps

What are Vehicle Wraps?


Vehicle wraps are designed and printed graphics that adhere to any type of vehicle. The graphics are printed directly to a special vinyl material that is then laminated, cut, and professionally installed onto the vehicle of your choice.




What are Vehicle Wraps used for?


Many businesses choose to use vehicle wraps as an advertising tool to increase brand awareness in addition to added support for their marketing programs. Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising with the ability to generate thousands of impressions per day, while giving a mobile element to your brand. Whether a single vehicle or a fleet, vehicle wraps have many uses including product advertisement, brand advertisement, event support, and business transportation.

How do I design the artwork for my vehicle wrap?


When a decision has been made to wrap a vehicle, you will provide us with the make and model of the vehicle or vehicles that you want to have wrapped. We have custom templates for hundreds of makes and models, and will supply a template specifically designed for your vehicle. Your design team will then add your desired artwork to the template and sent back to us ready to print.




Are there any sizing restrictions for vehicle wraps?


There are zero sizing requirements for wrapping your desired vehicle. All vehicle wraps are cut into panels to allow for an easier and more accurate installation process. With this installation technique, we can wrap any type of vehicle, no matter the size, make or model.




How are vehicle wraps installed?


All vehicle wraps need to be professionally installed by a certified expert installer. We have a nationwide network of professional installers, so no matter the location of your vehicle we have the installation process taken care of.

Can the wrap be removed? Will the wrap damage the paint of the vehicle?


Yes, all wraps can be removed and vehicles can be rewrapped as needed. The vinyl material that adheres to the vehicle has strong adhesive properties and when removed correctly will not damage the paint. The vinyl material also protects the paint from dirt and dust when applied.




If my vehicle has windows, can you wrap those as well?


We can wrap your entire vehicle, including windows if requested. If you need to be able to see through the wrapped windows, we have a special perforated substrate specifically designed to be installed on windows.




What is the lifespan of a vehicle wrap?


If you keep your vehicle clean and well maintained, wraps can have a multiple year life span.




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