Transit Wraps

What are Transit Wraps?


Very similar to vehicle wraps, especially semi-trick wraps, transit wraps are graphics that are printed and installed onto various modes of public transportation, including busses, trolleys, and light rails.




What are Transit Wraps used for?


Transit wraps can be an ideal medium for generating awareness for your product or brand, as it is a very cost-effective form of advertising that can generate thousands of impressions per day. Each bus, trolley, or light rail has a designated route that it travels every day, and is guaranteed to be seen by many ´╗┐members of the public. The vehicles are owned by the local transportation board, which can be ideal as the only costs you incur are for the printing and installation of the graphics, as well as the time spent advertising on the vehicle of your choice.

How do I design the artwork for my transit wrap?


As soon as you've made the decision on the number of bus, trolley, or light rail wraps you want to advertise, we will cross reference the selected vehicles with our database of templates. We take site surveys of all our transit wrap projects and will build out templates for your artwork. If we do not have a template on file for a specific requested transit vehicle, we will get the necessary information and build a new template.


Designing artwork for transit vehicles can be tricky because there are locations where artwork is not allowed or artwork that incorporates text will be cut off and not provide a clean look. We call out all of these areas on our templates to provide an easy working art file.

What if my artwork includes the transit windows? Can those be covered?


If your graphics are to include covering the transit windows, we take this into account and will use a perforated vinyl substrate. This specific substrate has tiny holes spread throughout the material that allows light to enter the vehicle and for passengers inside to still see outside. Even with the tiny holes, perforated vinyl will not affect the visibility or legibility of your graphics or messaging.




Are there any sizing restrictions for vehicle wraps?


There are zero sizing requirements for wrapping transit vehicles. All transit wraps are cut into panels to allow for an easier and more accurate installation process. With this installation technique, we can wrap any type of bus, trolley, or light rail.




How does the installation and removal of transit wraps work?


All transit wraps need to be installed and removed by a professional certified installer. We have a nationwide network of installers that will work with the transit yards to schedule the installation or removal. So no matter what city your marketing campaign is located, we have you covered.




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