Transit Shelters & Backlit Kiosks

What are transit shelters?


Transit Shelters are outdoor waiting areas where the public converges to access their primary mode of public transportation. Often located in high-circulation metropolitan areas, transit shelters contain advertising space for national and local advertisers to promote their brand, product, or event.

What are the advantages to using transit shelter advertising?


Advertising through transit shelters generates an increase in reach and exposure to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The panels and hardware used for transit shelter advertising are backlit, which provides 24/7 visibility to consumers throughout the day and night.


We print on a special backlit film with UV protected ink that creates vibrant imagery, giving you peace of mind that the quality of your artwork is printed at the highest standards.


Transit shelters often have short contracts and are frequently changed, which gives advertisers the benefit of targeting specific audiences for quick consumer awareness.

Where are transit shelters located?


As mentioned above, transit shelters, or backlit kiosks, are located in densely populated areas. This ranges from retail centers, business districts, social spaces, transit stops, airports, and highly trafficked roads, giving you multiple locations to pick the best options for your business.




How do I advertise through a transit shelter or backlit kiosk?


All transit shelter and backlit kiosk advertising is done through the contract holder of the shelter or kiosk where you want to advertise. Once the contract and timing have been coordinated and agreed upon, we would work with your design team to print your desired graphics and then coordinate with the contracted installation team.




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