Tradeshow Booth Panels

What are tradeshow booth panels?


Tradeshow booth panels are printed rigid panels that slide into prefabricated booth frames. The booth frames are often constructed out of aluminum, and can be easily moved around and interchanged making them ideal for tradeshows that wish to standardize booth fixtures throughout an event.

What materials are used for tradeshow booth panels?


Typically, the panel inserts used for the booth fixtures are made from styrene. Styrene is a thin rigid plastic that is both lightweight and economical; making it the ideal substrate for booth panels. All graphics and artwork are directly printed to the styrene, which produces vibrant clean images giving you the best representation of your brand.

Why use tradeshow booth panels?


As mentioned above, in some cases the tradeshow you are attending requires you to use their standard booth fixtures. Whether it is required or not, there are many benefits to using booth panel inserts.


• Economical solution that won’t break your budget.


• Styrene is lightweight. This helps bring down shipping costs when shipping multiple panel inserts.


• Easy booth setup and takedown. Since the booth fixtures will already be in place at your designated area, the styrene panel inserts can easily be removed from their packaging and inserted into the booth fixtures.




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