Synthetic Magnetic Paper Printing

What is synthetic magnetic paper printing?


The basic premise of synthetic magnetic paper printing is your artwork is printed directly to a white synthetic paper that has magnetic-receptive qualities. The synthetic paper is then paired with a magnetic sheet backing, which can be installed on almost any surface, that allows the synthetic paper to easily adhere to the magnetic sheet backing just like any normal magnet would.

Why would I choose printing on synthetic magnetic paper?


The great thing about the synthetic paper and magnetic backing is that it was specifically manufactured for brands that require frequent graphic change outs, most commonly retail businesses. This magnetic-receptive system is a cost-effective solution, as the synthetic paper is both thin and lightweight making it easy to use, versatile, and easily transportable.


Once the magnetic backing is installed in the desired locations, future print runs of the synthetic paper can help reduce shipping costs, as the weight is much lighter compared to other relative substrates, and the graphics can be rolled and shipped in tubes. No more bulky or oversized packaging.




What are the uses for synthetic paper and the magnetic backing system?


As mentioned above, the synthetic paper and magnetic backing was designed for retail environments with many graphic change outs, including point-of-purchase signage, displays, interior décor, wall coverings, and other interior environmental signage.


The magnetic backing makes this system extremely versatile because it can adhere to almost any surface with it's peel-and-stick installation. This can turn any surface with zero magnetic properties into one that allows the synthetic paper to adhere. The synthetic paper and magnetic backing can be cut into any shape or size giving it the flexibility and creativity to be used almost anywhere.

What sizes are available?


The synthetic paper is manufactured in roll sizes of 54" x 150', 60" x 150' and a thickness of 6mil, while the magnetic backing has a thickness of 30mil. Both substrates can be contour cut into any shape or size as long as you stay within the roll size. Please contact us if you want to use synthetic paper and magnetic backing for wall coverings.




How is the magnetic backing installed?


Depending on the size and desired location of the magnetic backing, a professional installation may be required. The magnetic backing has an adhesive coating that allows it to be applied to almost any surface. Once the magnetic backing has been installed, the synthetic paper graphics can be self-installed or removed at any time.




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