Styrene Printing

What is Styrene?


Styrene is a thin, lightweight, semi-rigid plastic substrate. It is strong and durable, while also resistant to moisture, denting, and ripping. Styrene is inexpensive, making it ideal for large orders along with necessary seasonal and frequent graphic changes. With smooth printing surfaces, styrene produces superior quality imagery and vibrant colors that will bring attention to your messaging.




How is Styrene used?


With styrene’s double-sided smooth printing surfaces, it is commonly used for various in-store point-of-purchase signage and tradeshow graphics. Other uses often include various indoor signage, such as directional and informational signage, store display inserts, and even menu board materials. Its flexibility allows styrene to be the substrate of choice for curved displays and any instances where the graphics need to be rolled and stored or shipped.

Can styrene be used indoors and outdoors?


Styrene is made for indoor use only. We do not recommend outdoor use because of the fact the plastic composite of styrene can bend and warp if exposed in the sun for long periods of time. We offer other substrates that are better suited outdoor use.




What sizes of styrene are available? Are there different color options?


We offer two color options of styrene. The first and most common is white, and the other is black. When it comes to sizing, styrene comes in a sheet size of 48”x96” but can be cut to any custom size or shape.  So as long as you stay within the maximum sheet size, we can produce any type of styrene sign you need. We offer a variety of thicknesses: .015”, .020”, .030”, .040”, .060”, and .090”, which allow for better fit if inserting into a frame or if you need a thicker more rigid sign.




How are styrene signs installed/hung/applied?


With styrene being so versatile, there are a number of ways that it can be installed, all depending on its final usage. Styrene is most commonly used for frame inserts, as it is stronger and more durable than poster paper. Installation for these types of uses is simple as all you need to do is insert the sign into the frame. Other installation options include being hung with Velcro or in conjunction with other adhesive applications. Styrene can also have holes drilled in the material and be hung with various hanging hardware or even with suction cups for window applications.




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