Static Window Cling Printing

What are static window clings?


Perfect for temporary window signage, static window clings are made from a non-adhesive vinyl that can be easily reused and repositioned. Don’t let the static description fool you, as these clings do not need any sort of static electric charge to adhere to glass. Static window clings stick because the vinyl creates a suction effect when pressed against a clean, smooth glass surface.




What are static window clings used for?


Compared to adhesive window clings, static window clings are low-cost and less permanent making them ideal for any temporary signage. Static window clings are most commonly used for retail windows, temporary sale or seasonal advertising, store hours and information, office settings, interior retail displays, and tradeshow graphics.

What sizes do static window clings come in?


Static window clings can be printed in various sizes depending on the purpose of their final application. Our static material is manufactured in rolls that come in a size of 60” – 150’ with an 8mil thickness. As long as you stay within those dimensions, you can print static window clings at any custom size. Static clings can also be cut to any custom shape.

Are there different colors of static cling material available?


We provide two different color options for static clings. The most common is the transparent, “see through”, color. These are ideal for situations where you you’re your messaging advertised but still need light to show through the window. Clear clings can be printed “spot” white to help enhance the color and clarity of your messaging. “Spot” white is when a first layer of white ink is printed on specific locations of the static cling, and a second layer of color ink is then printed on top. If transparency is not a needed requirement, we recommend using our white static cling. Double-sided printing is available upon request.




How are static window clings installed/hung/applied?


Once the desired surface is completely clean and dry, the static clean is peeled away from the lining and both the window and cling are sprayed with water. Apply the cling to the window and squeegee the cling from the middle outwards to create the suction and to remove all the water. Static window clings are ideal for self-installation, however we recommend static clings that are bigger than 30” x 30” be installed by a professional installer. Clings can be reverse printed to allow for indoor application while maintaining legibility to the outside.




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