Slatwall Graphics

What are slatwalls?


Slatwalls are display fixtures used by merchandisers and retailers as a solution to effectively and efficiently display their products and goods. Slatwalls have horizontal grooves evenly spaced out that allow for hooks and attachments to fit within the slats. This gives merchandisers the flexibility to update their inventory and display layouts without the use of any additional tools.


The versatility and customization of slatwalls make them one of the more popular retail fixtures, and a great place to advertise sales and promotions, or enhance your brand presence.

Can slatwalls be used in conjunction with any print marketing solutions?


Yes, in fact there are a few ways to use printed graphics with a slatwall. Branded slatwalls are an excellent way to customize and bring to life what is normally a plain blank surface. Slatwalls are typically manufactured in white, black, or brown color finishes, and, just like any other wall, a slatwall can be covered with any custom vinyl graphics. This allows for endless creative options for your team to brainstorm. The only difference between a wall and a slatwall are the slats needs to be accounted for when installing the vinyl coverings.


Another way to incorporate graphics into your slatwall is to print your desired messaging or promotion directly to a rigid substrate. Specifically made slatwall hooks can be installed onto the back of almost any rigid substrate, including PVC, dibond, or Gatorboard, just to name a few. This allows your graphics to hang directly from the slatwall wherever you see fit. When product inventory changes or your slatwall needs to be reorganized, the graphics can be easily removed and placed in your new desired location.

Are slatwalls only used in retail environments?


No, in fact slatwalls can be used in a variety of different environments, including tradshow booth exhibits and other events. They come in a variety of different freestanding displays and not just the typical fixed wall structure. The slatwall makes a great presentation display and creates an easy situation on your team to quickly adjust and take down graphics and merchandise at a moments notice.



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