Restaurant Signage

Why do restaurants need signage to be successful?


Restaurants operate in a unique space in which they often need multiple different layers and types of signage to effectively communicate with their customers. Each layer of signage a restaurant uses serves a specific purpose to inform, direct, and sell their food or product to a potential customer. Without the correct signage, customers will often get lost or confused through the purchasing process and take their business elsewhere. When done effectively, a customer will be able to enter your restaurant, order what they desire, all without having to ask a store employee for help. This allows the restaurant team members to focus on other important tasks at hand to keep the restaurant running at its highest efficiency.

Outdoor Restaurant Signage


If a customer isn't already aware of your restaurant, the first thing needed is to get your potential customer's attention and get them to walk through the front door. This is achieved through outdoor signage and advertising. There are various ways to market your restaurant and entice potential customers to enter, including special offers, pictures of the food you serve, or other unique marketing tactics. We offer several different products to help your outdoor advertising. You can learn more about each one below.


Window Coverings


Window Clings


Perforated Vinyl Windows


Vinyl Banners




Vehicle Graphics

Indoor Restaurant Signage


Once your potential customer has entered your restaurant, they need to be able to understand what is being offered and how to go about placing their order. Your indoor signage serves this exact purpose. The most important indoor signage is your menu. Without a menu, potential customers have no idea what you serve, what ingredients are in each menu item, or what the cost of each menu item may be. These are all important aspects to a menu to inform your potential customer so that they are knowledgable enough to make a decision when it is their turn to order. You can learn more about the different types and styles of menu boards here.


With the most important indoor sign, the menu, taken care of, there are other types of signage that you may want to take into consideration to help run a smooth operation. We offer an assortment of different options when it comes to different types of indoor signage and the accompanying strategy to make those signs effective.




• Register Displays - Signage used here can be used to advertise new menu products, up-sell drink orders, showcase a new promotion, etc.


• Wall Coverings - Provide branding and restaurant look and feel enhancements.


• Refreshment Graphics - Offer an opportunity to highlight a specific message to your guests as they get their drink.


• Banners - Perfect for big announcements or promotions. Banners provide a large visual space to catch your guests attention as they enter your restaurant.


• Table Tent/Card Advertisements - Will relay a specific message or promotion to your guests as they sit down at the table. This offers a place to communicate with your guest and get them engaged while they are eating or waiting for their food to arrive.


• Stickers - Have a limited time promotion, or want to call specific attention to a product on your menu? Stickers can be used in situations where a menu item is only available while supplies last, and once supplies have ran out the sticker can be easily removed.


• Food Signage Identifiers - Have a buffet style ordering system or display cases with multiple different food items to choose from? Having signage for each product is an excellent way to inform your guest what they are looking at and to help speed up the ordering and operations process.


• Easy Switch-out Display Graphics - Often times seasonal promotions or short term advertisements need to be quickly and easily swapped out. Restaurants don't have the time or resources to call in installers or have signage be replaced by professionals with the correct equipment. Graphics that are printed on magnets or synthetic paper offer the perfect solution for easily replaceable graphics.


Many of these products mentioned above can be produced from an array of different substrate options that include Gatorboard, Styrene, Coroplast, Falconboard, Magnet, 13oz Vinyl, Adhesive Vinyl, Cardstock and many more.




Restaurants that need more permanent signage options such as:


• Wall Décor


• Directional Signage


• Bathroom Signage


• Store Hours


• Occupancy Signage


• Other Important Regulatory Signage


We recommend using our more long-lasting substrate options such as dibond, acrylic, wood, PVC, and canvas.




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