Ready-to-Apply Adhesive Vinyl

What is Ready-to-Apply Vinyl?


Ready-to-Apply substrates, or RTA for short, is when lettering, graphics, or logos are printed on adhesive vinyl, which is then contour cut and applied to a masking agent. During installation, the RTA vinyl and masking agent are applied to the desired surface, and upon removal of the masking agent the RTA graphics will have adhered to your surface.




What are the benefits to using Ready-to-Apply Vinyl?


The biggest overall benefit to using RTA vinyl is the cleanliness and overall presentation of the graphics. Everything is cut to shape; your lettering and graphics will not have any clear material around the edges. If you print your lettering or graphics onto a clear adhesive material without contour cutting, the overall presentation of your graphics won't look as clean. The clear film is visible anywhere that ink is not printed, and is easily noticed when adhered to a transparent surface.


Another benefit to using RTA vinyl, is that it can be self-installed when the graphics or lettering are small enough. This is a small-added benefit to help save on costs. However, be aware that RTA vinyl has a one-time application. Once the masking agent has been removed the graphics cannot be shifted or altered.

Where can Ready-to-Apply Vinyl be used?


RTA vinyl can be applied on almost any smooth surface. It can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as both first surface and second surface. First surface means that the lettering or graphics are applied to the outside of your desired surface. This is used on opaque surfaces that are not transparent. Second surface is when the graphics or lettering are reversely applied to the back of your desired surface, and is used on clear surfaces that are transparent. The advantage of using second surface is that your graphics are protected and visibly legible from the outside.


Some of the most common uses we see with RTA vinyl are retail and storefront windows, vehicle decals and vehicle windows, office environments, and tradeshow graphics. RTA vinyl can be applied to almost any smooth surface.




What sizes and colors do you offer?


We print all our graphics in full-color, so matching your requested colors is never an issue. In terms of sizing, our vinyl is manufactured in roll sizes of 54" x 150'. As long as your graphics stay within those sizing parameters, we can print any requested graphics.

How is Ready-to-Apply Vinyl installed/applied?


Before installation and application of the lettering or graphics, it is important that the artwork provided is marked with your desired cut lines. After the RTA vinyl has been printed, cut and a masking agent applied, it is ready for installation. The final size of the overall lettering and graphics will determine if a professional installer is required or if they can be self-installed. We have a nationwide network of certified installers, so no matter your location we can help with installation. If you are looking to self-install your graphics, we have created a step-by-step walkthrough that will help you with your installation.



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