PVC Printing

What are PVC signs?


PVC signs, technically known as polyvinyl chloride, are rigid signs that are made from a strong durable plastic. PVC is a hard plastic that is economical and extremely versatile when used for various signage purposes. It is water and dent resistant, while also having the added bonus of being flame retardant. PVC signs have smooth finishes on both sides providing superior printing surfaces that showcase color and imagery extremely well. This also makes them ideal for double-sided printing.




What are PVC signs used for?


Since PVC signs are so economical, they can be used for a variety of uses including: retail store display inserts, point-of-purchase displays, menu boards, retail store and office wall décor, directional and informational signage, interior 3D lettering, tradeshow signage, and outdoor signage.

Can PVC be used indoors and outdoors?


PVC signs are most commonly used for a wide-variety of indoor purposes. As mentioned before, they are made from a strong durable plastic that is water and dent resistant, this makes them excellent for outdoor purposes where weather conditions are variable.




What sizes do PVC signs come in?


PVC comes in two different sheet sizes of 48” x 96” and 60” x 120”. It is manufactured in various thicknesses of 3mm, 6mm, and 12mm. All custom sizes are available as long as you stay within the two sheet sizes. PVC can also be cut to any custom shape.

Are there different colors of PVC?


We use PVC that is manufactured in two different colors, white and black.




How is PVC installed/hung/applied?


The versatility of PVC allows the substrate to have a variety of finishing options. PVC signs can have drilled holes that are hung with hooks or other hanging hardware. They can also be used with Velcro and a French cleat hanging system. The French cleat system is used to give the finished product a look as if the sign was floating off of the wall. For this system to work, the top cleat is attached to the graphic and slides on top of the bottom cleat, which is attached to wall, creating a hooking mechanism that allows the signage to hang. PVC has a unique characteristic that gives it the ability to be heat bent to add extra dimensionality.




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