Pole Banners

What are Pole Banners?


Pole banners are vertical banners made from a strong vinyl material, and when paired with specific bracket hardware, can affix to almost any type of light pole or street post. Pole banners can be installed on one side of the pole, as a single banner, or on both sides of the pole, as a double banner. This often depends on the location of the pole and if the installed hardware has one arm bracket or two.


The bracket hardware is made to withstand the outdoor elements and can be used for short-term or long-term installations. Pole bracket hardware can fit light poles of various shapes and sizes, including round poles, square poles, concrete hexagon poles, and wooden telephone poles.

Why use Pole Banners?


Pole banner advertising is an excellent medium to market your desired messaging to pedestrians and drivers in locations with heavy traffic. Pole banners can generate huge numbers of impressions for your business or event, as they are located at, or above, eye-level and are easily noticed from a distance.


Once the bracket hardware has been installed, pole banners can be swapped out relatively quickly and easily, making it an ideal medium for both short-term and long-term messaging.




Where are Pole Banners often used?


As mentioned above, pole banners are often used in areas with heavy traffic. This can include:


• Parking Lots


• Shopping Centers


• Central Business Districts


• University Campuses


• Golf Courses


• Hospitals

How does the Pole Banner and bracket system work?


The pole banners are produced from an 18oz double-sided block-out banner. This ensures that the banners are strong and won’t rip in the wind. The double-sided block-out attribute allows for your messaging to be printed on both sides of the banner without having any of the artwork be seen through the banner.


Once the printing has been completed, the banners are ready for finishing. Each banner will have pole pockets sewn into the top and bottom of the banner, which allows for the banner to easily slide right onto the bracket arms. Pole pocket sizes are based on the size of the diameter of the bracket arms, and can vary depending on the hardware used. Be sure to not put any important messaging or artwork close to the top and bottom edges of the banner because the pole pockets may interfere.


To ensure that the banners stay on the hardware and do not slide off, grommets are installed on the top and bottom of the banner to allow for the banner to be tied off to the hardware.  This is most commonly done with plastic zip-ties.




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