Point of Sale Signage

What does Point of Sale mean?


Point of sale is an industry term used by retailers. When someone refers to the point of sale, or POS for short, they are talking about the area of the retail location where the purchase occurs. Also known as the place where the money is exchanged for the product or service.

Why is the Point of Sale area important?


It is important to explain and understand the point of sale area because often times this area can be used to the retailer’s advantage to influence purchasing decisions and increase sales. Having unique marketing messaging specifically tailored around the POS area is an excellent way to influence and up-sell a customer on a particular good or service. Even if the messaging is to highlight a future purchasing decision, it is in the best interest of retailers to use this touch point to advertise something.

How does Point of Sale differ from Point of Purchase?


Point of sale differs slightly from point of purchase in the fact that point of purchase marketing and messaging occurs throughout the retail location, where the purchasing decisions are being made. Point of purchase signage often educates the customer about the specific product, or it markets an on-going sale or promotion. Point of sale, as mentioned above, is the area of the retail location where the exchange of goods and services occurs. The messaging and types of signage often differ between the two because the customer is at a different part of the purchasing cycle.




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