Perforated Adhesive Vinyl

What is Perforated Adhesive Vinyl?


Perforated adhesive vinyl is a specially manufactured adhesive vinyl that is produced in varying vinyl to air ratios. The adhesive vinyl has 1 mm size punctured holes spread throughout the substrate, thus giving the substrate its name perforated adhesive vinyl. The vinyl to air ratios can range from 70/30, 65/35, 60/40, and 50/50. The higher the ratio the more vinyl material there is, which means the graphics will appear more opaque.




Why use Perforated Adhesive Vinyl?


Customers choose to use perforated adhesive vinyl for window applications where they are seeking one-way visibility. The perforated characteristic allows for those on the inside to easily see outside, while those on the outside will only see the printed graphics. We cannot guarantee 100% one-way visibility, as outside viewers will have some ability to see through the perforated graphics. This only occurs in very specific situations such as when an individual approaching a storefront at night and the inside is lit.

What are the most common uses for Perforated Adhesive Vinyl?


Perforated adhesive vinyl is most commonly used on retail storefront windows. This allows the store to advertise an eye-catching and attractive graphic, while providing some added security and obscuring any visibility to the inside.


Your options are not limited to just retail environments. Perforated adhesive vinyl can also be used on windows of cars, trucks, vans, and even public transit. This gives you more surface area and fewer restrictions for your mobile advertising.


One final use of perforated adhesive vinyl is in office environments. Many offices, break rooms, and conference rooms have transparent glass walls, and depending on how the rooms are used companies may want added privacy. Perforated adhesive vinyl can be a great option.




What sizes are available for Perforated Adhesive Vinyl?


As mentioned above, our perforated adhesive vinyl is manufactured in multiple vinyl to air ratios: 70/30, 65/35, 60/30, and 50/50. Each option of perforated vinyl comes in roll sizes of 60" x 100'. If for your window is larger than 60", we can print your graphics with a paneling technique that creates a seamless looking image no matter how big the window.


Please contact us for oversized windows as art files need to be prepared to allow for paneling installation. We provide site surveys to determine window dimensions, upon request.

How is Perforated Adhesive Vinyl installed/applied?


Just like other full-size window adhesive vinyls, perforated adhesive vinyl should be installed by a certified professional installer. We have a nationwide network of installers that can install your printed graphics no matter your location.


When determining your visual graphics for your windows, it is important to know before hand if your desired window area contains mullions. Mullions are the dividers that separate individual windows. Your printed graphics can either be installed to cover the mullions, or they can be printed and cut into individual pieces to fit the dimensions of each window panel. It is important to know if their are mullions before printing your window graphics as it affects how the art files are properly setup.




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