Menu Boards

What are Menu Boards? And what makes a good menu?


Menu boards are an important piece to any restaurant environment. They display and inform the customer the details of what is sold and offered at the current establishment. A good menu board captures your customers' attention, is easy to read and understand, displays the cost of each menu item, drives sales, and reinforces the overall brand image and story.

What are the different Menu Board substrates and applications?


Every restaurant is unique and will have different needs and wants when it comes to menu boards. Whether you are a fast food chain, a super market, a fast casual chain, or a more upscale establishment, we offer a multitude of different substrates and finishing options that allows you the customization you require for your specific brand.


Some of the most common substrates include: magnet, backlit film, PVC, acrylic, metal/aluminum, wood, and many others. Before making any substrate decisions, we always discuss with our clients their end use and whether they are a restaurant that will have frequent graphic change outs or if they want a more permanent option. This heavily influences the type of substrates we recommend and how they are finished/applied.


Depending on the substrate chosen, the layout of the restaurant, and how permanent you want your menus, there are many different finishing options available. These range from stand off systems, Velcro, drilled holes for hooks and other hanging hardware, french cleats, and many others. We work closely with your marketing and facilities teams to ensure that the menus and hardware used are structurally sound in its final application.

Menu Board fulfillment and distribution


A service that often gets overlooked is our fulfillment, distribution, and custom online management solutions. No matter the number of locations of your restaurant, we can print, package, and ship all your menus directly to their final locations. This applies to restaurants with 10, 100, or even 1000+ locations.


Our custom online management solutions can be specifically designed for your restaurant to allow for easy re-ordering of menu materials. With the ability to view, change, and approve digital print ready proofs, the re-ordering automation process of your menu materials will save your team time. The online management system allows for tracking throughout the production process to see the status of your order. If a store manager or store employee places an order, upper level management and executive level approval is available to ensure accurate orders. Automated delivery confirmations with tracking information are emailed to approver upon completion.




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