Mall & Retail Barricades

What are Mall & Retail Barricades?


Mall & Retail barricades are modular structures that surround a retail space to block the construction from the public. The barricades can be used for both indoor and outdoor situations, and are typically made out of plastic or plywood.




Why use Mall & Retail Barricades?


Often during construction or renovations, barricades are used to hide all the unsightly activity, going on behind the scenes, from the public. The barricades are typically installed blank with zero graphics or advertisements. Turning that blank space into a marketing platform by applying removable adhesive vinyl graphics is an excellent way to transform construction areas into a revenue generating advertisement. Branded barricades are an affordable way to build buzz and excitement for your new store and increase the positive exposure of your brand.

Are graphic sizes limited depending on my barricade size?


We can print and install your graphics to any barricade no matter how big. For huge oversized barricades, we would print and install using a unique paneling technique.

How does the installation of the graphics work?


Before any printing or installation can be done, the sizing of the barricade needs to be determined. We offer national on-site surveys to gather this information if you do not already have it. Once the sizing has been confirmed, artwork can be created to the correct specifications and printing can commence. The graphics are then shipped to their final destination and installed by a certified professional installer. Most barricade graphics are temporary and depending on the situation need to be removed once the barricade has reached the end of its lifecycle. Our installers can then remove the graphics, if requested.




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