Magnet Printing

What are printed magnets?


Everyone knows magnets, but for our context we are referring to a magnetic substrate that can be directly printed. Our magnetic material is thin and flexible with one side of the substrate having a smooth white surface where the ink is printed, and the other side containing the magnetic properties that adheres to metal.




What are magnets used for?


Printed magnets have a variety of uses including in-store point-of-purchase for retail environments, retail display signage, menu board graphics, sales promotions, and vehicle graphics. Magnets can adhere to most metallic surfaces excluding aluminum and stainless steel.

Can magnets be used outdoors?


Yes, our magnetic material is both water and weatherproof. If using magnets for vehicle advertisements, it is recommended to clean the surface where the magnet will be applied to ensure that there is no dirt or dust under the magnet that could potentially scratch your paint over time. It is also recommended to remove the magnets from extreme weather conditions.




What sizes are available?


Our magnetic substrate is manufactured in roll sizes of 40”x 50’ and a thickness of .020”. This means that you can customize the size of your magnetic graphics to any size you need as long as the dimensions do not exceed the roll size. Magnetic graphics do not need be rectangular in shape and can be custom cut to any shape.

How are magnets installed/hung/applied?


Magnets do not require any special installation. Just choose your desired location, make sure it is a metal surface and just simply attach the magnet. As mentioned above, magnets will not stick to aluminum or stainless steel surfaces. If you need the flexibility of quick graphic change outs that magnets provide and your desired surface is non-metallic, we have alternate solutions to solve your needs.




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