Gatorboard Printing

What is Gatorboard?


Gatorboard is a rigid foam board substrate that has two outside layers made from a wood-fiber veneer. The foam center gives Gatorboard the rigidity and durability, while the outside layers provide added strength and structure. The wood-fiber veneer layers have a smooth finish making a printing surface that produces high quality, colorful, and vibrant images. Having two outside layers allows for Gatorboard to be printed double-sided.




What is Gatorboard used for?


Gatorboard is one of the most-commonly used substrates for indoor signage. It is an extremely versatile substrate that comes in multiples sizes and colors, and can be contour cut (cut to the exact shape of your design) to any shape. Gatorboard is a cost-efficient substrate, and it is typically used for temporary signage such as retail point-of-purchase signage, wall décor, tradeshow graphics, special event signage, business meetings, and sales presentations.

Can Gatorboard be used indoors and outdoors?


Gatorboard is a lightweight substrate that is delicate, and thus it is typically used for indoor purposes only. It can be used outdoors for temporary signage, but this on a case-by-case basis and requires ideal weather conditions. If you are looking for outdoor signage, we offer a variety of other substrates that are manufactured for these exact purposes.




What sizes does Gatorboard come in?


Gatorboard comes in sheet sizes of 48” x 96” and 60” x 120”. The most common thickness is 3/16”, but Gatorboard is also manufactured in 1/2”, 1” and 2” thicknesses. As long as you stay within the sheet sizes, all custom sizes are available.

Are there different colors of Gatorboard?


Yes there are. All White (both outside layers and foam center are white) is the most common color we see, but there are a number of color combinations available: All black (both outside layers and foam center are black), White/Black/Black (One outside layer is white, foam center is black and other outside layer is black), and White/Black/White (both outside layers are white and the foam center is black).




How is Gatorboard installed/hung/applied?


Gatorboard signage can be installed in a numerous amount of ways. Most signage is propped on easels or inserted in frames and does not require any hardware our installation. Other uses include drilled holes and used in conjunction with string, rope, zip ties, or stand offs. Gatorboard can also be used with adhesive materials such as tape and Velcro.




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