Floor Graphics Printing

What are floor graphics and what are they used for?


Floor graphics, also known as floor decals, are adhesive vinyl substrates that are applied to the ground to help advertise and direct foot traffic. Perfect for events, conferences, tradeshows, and retail environments, floor graphics are a unique and impressionable form of advertising. We have various vinyl substrates manufactured for specific surfaces including asphalt, concrete, carpet, brick, tile, and other floor surfaces. Floor decals can withstand heavy foot traffic and are semi-permanent, so once applied they are not intended to be repositioned.




Can floor graphics be used for both indoors and outdoor applications?


Yes, we have various vinyl substrates that allow for both indoor and outdoor applications. The vinyl substrates are slip and slick resistant and are intended for heavy traffic purposes.

What sizes do floor graphics come in?


The various vinyls we use for floor decals are manufactured with a thickness of 3mil. This allows for consistent heavy foot traffic without being damaged. The vinyl substrates are produced in rolls and come in sizes of 54”x150’. This allows us to produce floor decals at almost any common size you can think of. We can also cut your floor graphics into any custom shape to give you even more flexibility and creativity.




Are there different colors of floor graphics?


Our vinyl substrates are all manufactured in white. We have a four-color digital printing process that gives you access the full spectrum of colors. Floor decals can have various lamination finishes including matte, gloss or luster.




How are floor graphics installed/hung/applied?


Most floor graphics can be self-installed. Make sure the desired surface is clean and dry. Carefully remove the decal from the backing and slowly peel away the backing from the graphic as it adheres to your surface. Remember that the adhesive is semi-permanent once it is positioned on the floor it cannot be removed and repositioned, as the adhesive will not have its full effect. For larger graphics, our professional nationwide network installation staff can be provided.




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