Fine Art Décor

What is Fine Art Décor?


We take any photo or image and print it directly to the substrate of your choice. The end result is your printed photo can then be frame and hung wherever you so choose. All of the fine art décor we produce is printed at the highest resolution possible with UV cured inks.




Why use Fine Art Décor?


Like most artwork and paintings, fine art décor is used to create an inviting environment and provide a sense of comfort to the viewer and surrounding area. Having the freedom to display any photo or image of your choice allows you to create themes and branding messages throughout the various locales your décor resides.

What are the most common places printed artwork is used?


Printed artwork can be used in all sorts of places. However, the following are the most common uses we see come through our facility:


• Hotel lobbies/hallways/and rooms


• Hospital lobbies/hallways/ and patient rooms


• Corporate Office lobbies/hallways/offices


• Retail & Restaurant décor

What are the most common substrates used for Fine Art Décor?


While we have the capabilities to print directly to almost any flat substrates, there are a handful of rigid substrates that produce the highest quality results that our clients are looking for:


• Metal/Dibond - The brushed metal texture and sheen adds a unique finish to your printed artwork. When printing to Dibond, we have a special process of how we print white ink that is unique only to Freeform. This process involves changing the opacity of the white color in the image before printing. To learn more about metal and Dibond substrates check out our detailed educational section.


• Canvas - Printed canvas with framed wooden stretcher bars are the most common fine art décor we produce. The image is printed directly to the canvas material replicating the unique look of a canvas painting. The canvas is then wrapped around a wooden frame of your desired size. To learn more about canvas wraps check out our detailed educational section.


• Acrylic - The transparent properties of acrylic allow for both the frontside and backside of the substrate to be printed. When done in combination, you can create an almost 3D like effect with your imagery. Acrylic is also a very smooth substrate that delivers vibrant colors with extraordinary detail. To learn more about acrylic check out our detailed educational section.


• Wood - Clients who are looking for a more natural organic look love to print directly to wood. We have access to several different types of wood that all have various grain colors. Each piece of wood has its own unique grain pattern that cannot be replicated, giving your artwork a true one of a kind feel. To learn more about wood check out our detailed educational section.




What are the different ways my fine art décor can be hung/installed?


We typically recommend three types of hardware to use to hang your fine art décor: French Cleats, Stainless Steel Standoffs, or custom framing options.


The French cleat system gives the finished product a look as if it was floating off of the wall. For this system to work, the top cleat is attached to the graphic and slides on top of the bottom cleat, which is attached to the wall, creating a connection allowing the signage to hang.


A standoff system is holds the artwork horizontally or vertically at a predetermined distance from the installation surface. A standoff system requires holes to be drilled into the substrate as well as the installation surface. The finished look creates a professional and clean finish.


Custom framing options are available. We would work directly with you to determine your framing preferences and sizing.




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