Event Signage

The event industry is huge, and with each event comes a set of criteria to what makes it successful. The coordination, planning, and attention to detail that go into every event can be a lot to handle, but one thing that almost all events have to have to help make it run smoothly and successfully is the incorporation of signage. There is much to choose from when it comes to event signage and products. Knowing what will both attract event guests as well as improve overall communication during the event is the key determining factor.

Grand Format Banners - Events are all about engaging your audience and grabbing their attention. There is no better way to do that than oversized, giant banners. Grand format banners can be produced at any desired size, and can be used at shopping malls, hotels, convention centers, sports arenas, festivals, or any other event site.


Retractable Banner Stands - Easy to set up and take down, retractable banner stands are the perfect compliment to any event. They can be used for event booths, event entrance welcome signage, informational signage, and corporate branding just to name a few. With many options to choose from, there is always a retractable banner stand that will meet your needs. The stands come in multiple different widths, single or double sided, and are produced in both economical and premium models. Retractable banner stands come with a carrying case that makes it easy to transport.


Event Tents - Typically used for outdoor purposes, event tents are used to create an organized space to promote your business or product. Branded event tents help attract new customers as they are both attention grabbing and informative from a distance. Event tents are most commonly produced in 10’ x 10’ sizes, but can be bigger. Event tents have travel cases that allow for the tent to easily fold into itself and slide into the travel case.

Pop Up Backdrops - For the times when your event needs a temporary display or backdrop, pop up display hardware is the go-to choice. The pop up backdrop is most commonly used for Step & Repeat back drops, as well as other situations where a temporary backdrop is needed. Pop up backdrops come in various heights and widths, and all pop up displays come with a rolling travel bag.


Floor Graphics - Used in both indoor and outdoor settings, floor graphics are a creative way to grab your guests’ attention. Perfect for directing foot traffic to a specific location or used as an event branding tool. Depending on the location of the event and whether it is indoor or outdoor, we have various vinyl substrates for different surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, carpet, brick, tile, and other floor surfaces. All floor decals can withstand heavy foot traffic and are slip resistant.


Backlit Graphics - Backlit imagery is an excellent way to add dimensionality and visual pop to your event. It doesn’t matter if your event takes place during the day or at night. We can produce backlit graphics for any indoor or outdoor sized light box display, including temporary transit kiosk signage.


Directional/Wayfinding Signage - High profile events often have a large number of attendees, and not all attendees are informed on where to go and what they need to be aware of. Directional and wayfinding signage will help solve this problem. A successful event creates a seamless flow of people who can navigate the event through reading signage and without having to ask someone for information. Directional and wayfinding signage can come in a variety of options, including banners, floor displays, floor graphics, hanging signage, posters, and more.


Short Term Wall and Window Graphics - If your event space has windows or permanent walls, take advantage and add event related graphics or branding to these available areas. We offer short term graphic solutions that can be easily removed without damaging the surface it adheres to. Window and wall graphics are another added element that can help immerse your attendees into your event.




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