Elevator Graphics

What are Elevator Graphics?


Elevator graphics are pretty self explanatory. Any graphic or imagery is printed onto an adhesive vinyl that is then cut to the appropriate specifications and installed directly to the outside or inside elevator doors.




Why use Elevator Graphics?


Elevators offer a unique situation because people have to stand and wait to get to where they are going. This leads to a perfect environment where your advertisement is guaranteed to generate impressions. Elevator graphics are becoming more and more popular and can be a great medium to help promote your business, product, or event. Take advantage of using both the inside and outside elevator doors for maximum impact.

Where are Elevator Graphics typically seen?


Obviously, any elevator in any building can be wrapped with an elevator advertisement, but they are mostly used in corporate environments, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, retail locations, and airports.




What type of material is used for Elevator Graphics?


As mentioned above, elevator graphics are printed on a common adhesive vinyl. The length and timing of how long the graphics will be installed for will determine whether we print on a short term or long term adhesive. We also offer a ready-to-apply vinyl application that is excellent for lettering and other graphics where the imagery does not fully cover the elevator doors.

How are Elevator Graphics installed?


Whether your graphics will be fully covering the elevator doors, or just a portion, we recommend that the graphics are professionally installed. We have a nationwide network of certified installers that will make sure the installation is done in a timely and accurate manner.




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