Corrugated Displays

What are corrugated displays?


Directly printed and custom built, corrugated cardboard displays are three dimensional retail floor displays that serve both branding and functional purposes.




Why use corrugated displays as part of our marketing efforts?


There are many benefits to incorporating corrugated displays into your marketing programs.


First, by creating the displays with corrugated cardboard this provides your brand with a viable economical solution to produce large quantities of displays for multiple store-roll outs, while staying within your budget.


Second, corrugated cardboard is light and versatile. This gives you the flexibility to create a custom display specific to your brand or product needs, as well as the ability to move the display around your retail environment at a given notice.


Third, corrugated cardboard is made out of recycled materials and is an eco-friendly substrate. Once the life cycle of the displays has ended, they can be taken down and easily recycled.

What type of corrugated board is used?


There are a number of various different types and sizes of corrugated cardboard, not just the type used for your typical shipping boxes. When you contact us for a corrugated display project, we will choose the best type of substrate to use for your specific needs, and depending on your end-use the display may have more than one type in the final design. However, for informative purposes, corrugated cardboard is commonly produced in four different "flute" or thickness sizes:


A flute = 3/16"


B flute = 1/8"


C flute = 5/32"


E flute = 1/16"


Each flute size is manufactured for a specific purpose. For example, E flute provides the best printing surface and colors will appear more vibrant. The structure and support that is required for a display varies from project to project, and various flute sizes can be combined to reinforce the strength of the display. You will commonly hear the terms single wall (2 liners and single flute), double wall (3 liners and double flutes), and triple wall (4 liners and three flutes).


Corrugated board is manufactured into sheets and is available in sizes 48" x 96" and 60" x 120".

What colors do I have to choose from?


Corrugated cardboard comes in two different colors, natural brown Kraft and white. Corrugated white board has three different options, depending on availability.


The first option is called white top and refers to when the surface of the top layer/liner is white, while the rest of the substrate is the natural Kraft color. If you scratched the top surface, you would see brown underneath.


The second option is called bleached white and refers to when the entire top layer/liner is white, while the rest of the substrate is the natural Kraft color. If you scratched the top surface, you would see white underneath.


The third option is called Kemi white and is referred to as the deluxe white option. It possesses a clay coated finish making the printing surface ideal for retail signage and point-of-purchase displays.


You might be asking yourself, why not use the Kemi white option for all our printing needs? The cost for Kemi white will come in slightly higher than your other options, and availability can be an issue as manufacturers have sheet size limitations and require a minimum square footage for the order. So it may not be a good option for every customer or project.




How are corrugated displays assembled and shipped?


When a customer orders corrugated displays, we offer two options depending on the project type and customer requirements. We can ship the displays fully assembled, or they can be shipped flat and require assembly upon arrival. Displays that are shipped flat can be sent with an instruction sheet to aid in assembly. Be mindful there are added costs for shipping pre-assembled displays.




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