What is Coroplast?


Similar in design to corrugated fiber board, the technical name for cardboard, coroplast is a rigid plastic substrate that has a corrugated flute-like interior. The easiest way to understand coroplast is that it is the plastic version of cardboard. The corrugated interior gives coroplast it’s lightweight nature compared to other solid plastics. It is also waterproof, weather resistant, and stain resistant, which gives it many more advantages and uses compared to regular cardboard. It’s smooth flat surfaces make it ideal for printing and graphic applications.

Why choose Coroplast as a printing substrate?


As mentioned above, the waterproof and weather resistant qualities make coroplast a go to choice for outdoor signage. It’s high-quality printing capabilities and versatility also make it a good choice for indoor applications. Coroplast is an ideal choice for print projects that only require a one time use, or for projects that need to be more economical.




What are some common uses of Coroplast?


The most common uses we see of coroplast are directional and promotional signage for both indoor and outdoor events, lawn signs when used in conjunction with our H-stake hardware, and short-term signage that doesn’t require a long lifespan.

What sizes are available for Coroplast?


Coroplast comes in various thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm, 10mm, and 12mm. As all our rigid substrates do, coroplast is manufactured into sheets. The sheet sizing of coroplast is 48” x 96”.




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