Canvas Printing

What is Canvas / are Canvas Wraps?


Canvas is a woven fabric material that is typically made from linen or cotton. It is most often used by artists, but can also be digitally printed to create a customized look for your imagery and photography. Our artist canvas is elegantly textured, and has a museum quality finish that adds life and dimension to the printed image. After the canvas is printed, it is stretchered and wrapped around the outside of a wooden frame, also known as stretcher bars, and hung on the wall. This is how we get the term canvas wrap. The term can be used interchangeably with canvas print and canvas wall art.

What are canvas wraps used for?


Canvas wraps are used for decorative purposes to showcase artwork, photography, or other imagery. They can be printed for personal or commercial use and are used solely indoors for a variety of situations such as office décor, corporate lobbies and hallways, store décor in retail environments, tradeshow exhibits, and events.




What sizes do canvas wraps come in?


Our artist canvas is 17mil thick and manufactured in various roll sizes with the biggest being 126” x 150’. As long as your preferred sizes don’t exceed those dimensions, we can print any custom size. Stretcher bars come in thicknesses of 1”, 1 ½”, 2” and 3” and are custom built to fit the size of your canvas print. Thicker stretcher bars are used for larger canvas wraps to help prevent any bowing and bend of the frame.

Are there different border options for canvas wraps?


Yes, in fact there are three different ways to print your canvas images. The first is having the image printed on the entire canvas so that when wrapped the image extends around the sides of the stretcher bars. The second option is to print the image with a white or black border. When wrapped around the stretcher bar, the image is only seen on the face of the canvas wrap and the white or black border is only seen on the sides of the stretcher bar. The final option is similar to the second in that a white and black border is printed around the image, however, when wrapped, the printed border extends into the face of the canvas wrap. This creates a natural frame around your image.




How are canvas wraps installed/hung/applied?


The most common way to hang canvas wraps is using a sawtooth bracket system. The bracket is screwed into the top-center of the backside of the canvas print and hung on a screw or nail that has been screwed or nailed into your desired rigid surface. With larger canvas prints, it is recommended that the nail or screw be inserted into the studs of the wall for more support. Most canvas wraps can be self-installed, however depending on location and size they could require professional installation.



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