Banner Printing - Vinyl

What are vinyl banners?


Vinyl banners are one of the most common and versatile marketing signage used. They are made from PVC with reinforced skrim (a non-woven fabric whose threads are chemically bonded that adds extra strength and durability). This makes them tear-resistant, weatherproof, and water resistant. Vinyl banners are cost efficient, which makes them so popular. They also withstand extreme temperature ranges and are fire retardant.




What are vinyl banners used for?


As mentioned above, vinyl banners are a versatile product and because of their large visual impact they can be used for large branding purposes, signage for outdoor events, seasonal or sales promotions, tradeshows, building advertisements, pole banners, interior signage, and many more. Depending on your needs, vinyl banners typically come single sided, but we offer a double-sided vinyl banner that blocks out images and messaging so that you cannot see through banner when light passes through.

Can vinyl banners be used indoors and outdoors?


Yes they can. The reinforced skrim and PVC vinyl make vinyl banners incredibly strong and durable. Even in wet conditions, vinyl banners are a great substrate as they are water resistant and can withstand most inclement weather. If windy conditions are expected, most of the time we will recommend our mesh banner substrate as this performs well in conditions with heavy wind gusts.




What sizes do vinyl banners come in?


Vinyl banners come in various weights of 13oz, 15oz and 18oz. These weights stand for ounces per yard squared. Typically, single sided banners are 13oz and 15oz with 13oz being the most common, and suitable for almost all situations. The double sided (block-out) banner is 18oz. Vinyl banner comes in rolls of 10’ x 150’. We can custom print any size banner that fits within that roll size. If you are looking for an oversized banner please contact us directly.

Are there different colors vinyl banners?


Vinyl banners are manufactured white. We can print any image or color you need directly to the banner to give you the exact look you are seeking. Our vinyl banners have a semi-gloss finish; this means that the banners have a moderate shiny look. In places where the ink is applied the vinyl banner will have more of a matte, or flat finish.




How are vinyl banners installed/hung/applied?


Vinyl banners are most often finished with either grommets with sewn hems or with pockets that are sewn on the top and bottom of the banner to be used for poles. Typically, if a banner is going to hang in an open room, pole pockets are created for the top and bottom of the banner. The top pole pocket is used to help suspend the banner and the bottom pole pocket is used to add extra weight to allow the banner to hang correctly. 3” pole pockets are standard, but can be increased depending on your needs.


If a banner is going to attach to a fence, a wall, or some other surface standard 1” hems are sewn to create a frame around the banner, and grommets are applied to the banner for easy installation. Grommets only come in one size, but you can customize the placement and number of grommets.


Hardware needed to hang a banner consist of rope, zip ties, eye hooks, bungee cord, screws and washers, and Velcro.




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