Banner Printing - Mesh

What are printed mesh banners?


Mesh banners are manufactured from a vinyl substrate that has about a 50/50 mesh to hole ratio, while still providing a quality printing surface where image quality is not lost. This allows for the mesh banner to be your ideal signage substrate for outdoor use when wind would be a major concern. The mesh banner is more permeable than vinyl banners allowing for wind to pass through the banner without causing any damage.




What are mesh banners used for?


As mentioned above, mesh banners fill a niche role when it comes to advertising signage. Compared to the more common vinyl banner, mesh banners are lighter in weight, and the mesh woven design makes it an ideal choice for windy situations, as the vinyl banner has the potential to be caught in the wind. Mesh banners are often seen used for storefront solutions, outdoor events, building signage, stadium signage, and chain link fence advertisements for sporting events and construction sites. They provide large visual impact that will draw attention to your messaging and can be used for both short term and long term messaging.

Can mesh banners be used both indoors and outdoors?


Ideally, mesh banners are mainly used for outdoor advertisements, but they can also be used for both temporary and permanent indoor use. The ability to see through the banner is an added benefit when the banner is located in a place where visibility is crucial.




What sizes of mesh banners do you offer?


Our mesh banner is manufactured in a weight of 8oz, and various roll sizes with the biggest being 126” x 150’. The weight stands for ounces per yard squared. As long as your desired banner fits within that size, we can print any custom size. If you require a larger size, please contact us directly as we can fulfill your oversized banner request.




How are mesh banners installed/hung/applied?


Mesh banners are most often finished with either grommets with sewn hems or with pockets that are sewn on the top and bottom of the banner to be used for poles. Typically, if a banner is going to hang in an open room, pole pockets are created for the top and bottom of the banner. The top pole pocket is used to help suspend the banner and the bottom pole pocket is used to add extra weight to allow the banner to hang correctly. 3” pole pockets are standard, but can be increased depending on your needs.


If a banner is going to attach to a fence, a wall, or some other surface standard 1” hems are sewn to create a frame around the banner, and grommets are applied to the banner for easy installation. Grommets only come in one size, but you can customize the placement and number of grommets. Hardware needed to hang a banner consist of rope, zip ties, eye hooks, bungee cord, screws and washers, and Velcro.




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