Backlit/Lightbox Printing

What are backlit signs?


Backlit signs are graphics that are printed on translucent or semi-translucent substrates and positioned in front of a light source to showcase the printed graphics or messaging.




What are backlight signs used for?


Backlit signs are used to help brighten graphics and add dimensionality to make your signage stand out and gain extra visual presence. Backlit graphics are most commonly used in light boxes displays, which are pre-fabricated structures that accommodate the graphics and contain a light source that will illuminate the printed graphics.


The most common uses for backlit signs are in-store point-of-purchase signage in retail environments, tradeshow graphics, bus stop and transit stop signage, indoor and outdoor restaurant menu boards, informational and directional signage, outdoor signage, and any light box application.

Can backlit signs be used indoors and outdoors?


Yes, backlit signs can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. An advantage of using backlit signs outdoors is that your messaging is seen both during the daytime and nighttime, as the signs are illuminated and can be legible at night. Weather conditions such as rain and wind won’t have any affect on backlit graphics, as they should remain fully functional during these conditions.




What sizes do backlit signs come in?


There are various substrates that can be used to create a great backlit display, including polycarbonate film, polyester film, and rigid polycarbonate. We use all three here at Freeform and will recommend the substrate that will work best for your project. The sizes for backlit graphics are all dependent on the light box size. Our two film substrates come in roll sizes of 60”-150’, and the rigid polycarbonate comes in sheets sizes of 48”x96” and 60”x120”. As long as your backlit signage stays within those maximums, we can print graphics at any custom size. We also can custom cut your backlit graphics to fit any shape light box display.

How are backlit graphics installed/applied?


Depending on the size and location of the backlit graphics, most can be self-installed with just one person. On occasion, situations arise where a professional needs to install the graphics. Backlit graphics typically will slide into the light box structure, however not all light boxes are created the same and you may need to adjust the installation based on your light box structure.




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