Acrylic Printing

What is acrylic?


Acrylic is a hard plastic that is used as a replacement for glass. Acrylic has lots of advantageous qualities that make it the preferred option when it comes to various signage applications. Key features include: lightweight, shatterproof, durable, provides a high-quality printing surface, and versatility when it comes to how images are printed.

What are the different ways imagery can be printed?


Clear acrylic provides the option of whether ink is printed first surface or second surface. First surface is when an image is printed directly to the top surface layer; this is just like any normal print. Second surface is when the ink gets reverse printed on the back of the acrylic creating an image that is viewable through the layer of acrylic. A combination of first and second surface printing can create a three dimensional like effect giving your signage a unique look and feel.


Acrylic also has the option of printing “spot” white or “flood” white. “Spot” white is when a first layer of white ink is printed on specifically requested locations on the acrylic. A second layer of color ink is then printed on top. “Flood” white is the same process, however the first layer of white ink is printed on the entire surface and not in individual locations. Both options are used to enhance the color and clarity of your imagery, but “spot” white gives you the creativity of having the acrylic be transparent in locations where there is no ink.




What is acrylic used for?


With acrylic’s aesthetic beauty, it is commonly used in professional environments including office décor, lobbies and hallways, and directional signage. Acrylic can also be use in retail environments for point-of-purchase displays, in-store point-of-purchase signage, outdoor applications, and other custom signage.

What sizes does acrylic come in?


Acrylic is manufactured into variable sheets sizes and thicknesses. Our acrylic comes in sheet sizes of 48” x 96” and 60” x 120”, and thicknesses of 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4“, and 1/2”. Any custom size is available; just make sure you stay within the sheet sizes provided.




Other than clear, are there other colors of acrylic?


Clear acrylic is the most common “color” because of its transparency, clarity, and translucence properties. We also supply white acrylic, as well as other custom colors that are available upon request.




How is acrylic installed/hung/applied?


Acrylic is most commonly installed with drilled holes and used in conjunction with standoff system hardware. A standoff system is typically made from stainless steel and/or aluminum, and holds the acrylic horizontally or vertically at a predetermined distance from the installation surface. The hardware gives the signage a professional and enhanced look. Other hanging hardware is available, but detract from the beauty of the acrylic. Acrylic can also be printed and inserted into frames, and used to create cases.




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