What are A-Frames?


A-Frames, also known as sidewalk signs, are an outdoor signage solution used by many retailers to help advertise their business and attract potential customers that pass by. The freestanding sign gets its name after the “A” like shape it creates when it is in its freestanding position.

What are the benefits of using A-Frames?


Many businesses choose to use A-Frames because they are an affordable and easy outdoor signage option. They allow for versatility in one’s messaging, and depending on the type of A-Frame messaging can be easily changed or swapped out.


The biggest advantage of the A-Frame is its portability. A-Frames are light, fold up to be easily carried around, and can be moved to your desired location at any time. The flexibility allows your business to place the A-Frame in strategic locations where the heaviest foot traffic occurs to garner the most number of impressions. The portability also makes it great for protecting your signage after hours, as it can be easily stored indoors in a safe environment.

What types of A-Frames are there?


There are many different types of A-frames available. The differences are with the type of hardware that it is constructed out of and how the messaging is displayed.


A-Frames are typically manufactured out of plastic, metal, or wood. They can also be custom made to match a business’s brand identity, or a specific request.


The two most common ways to display your messaging is using a chalkboard like backing that allows for messaging to be hand written and erased at anytime. We offer a special adhesive substrate that possesses all the qualities of a chalkboard without having to use a real chalkboard. The other option is to have your custom artwork directly printed and inserted into the A-Frame. There are a variety of different substrates that can be used for inserted prints depending on your budget.




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