3D Lettering

What is 3D lettering?


As the name states, 3D lettering is turning any desired marketing messaging, including your logo, and making it three dimensional.




Why use 3D lettering?


With any marketing campaign, the most important aspect is for the campaign to get noticed and to create an impression on the viewer. There are many different aspects to achieve this goal, with one being the incorporation of adding a three dimensional effect to your messaging. The added layer of dimension distinguishes the messaging from outside distractions by giving it that extra-added visual pop, drawing the eye towards the main focal point.

Where is 3D lettering most commonly used?


The most common uses we see, when it comes to integrating 3D logos or lettering into various marketing efforts, include directional and informational signage in retail environments, store décor, corporate environments such as office lobbies and walls, and tradeshow booths. These are only the most common applications. Let your creativity and imagination run wild and see what you can come up with.




What substrate options are available and is there a size requirement?


3D lettering can be made out of a variety of different substrates. The most common are Gatorboard, PVC, and acrylic. The great thing about custom cut lettering is that it allows us to match your logo and typography with your brand standards. This provides you with flexibility and creativity when designing your campaign. Determining the sizing of 3D letters and logos is very project specific. Contact us directly to get details and more information for your next 3D lettering project.

What color and finishing options do I have?


Depending on the substrate chosen and the type of look you are trying to achieve with your 3D lettering, all printable colors are available, as well as brushed aluminum and other substrate finishes that give a more natural look.




How is 3D lettering installed/hung?


There are a few different ways 3D lettering can be installed. The main deciding factor being if the required length of application is short term or long term. If you desire a short-term application, we use a 3M permanent adhesive tape. The tape is applied to the entirety of the back of the lettering and will adhere flush against your desired surface. If you need a more long term application, the lettering is applied using a pin set application. This means that each letter has pins on the back and is then anchored to your desired surface.


We recommend that all 3D lettering be installed by one of our professional nationwide network installers. If requested, templates for user self-installation can be provided.




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